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You never know what encouraging your kids can do!

Parents, I’m going to share a little secret with you … our kids have BIG dreams! When you take the time to hear them – really HEAR them – and listen to their thoughts, ideas, and hopes amazing things can happen. Opening the door to communication by looking them in the eye and being attentive when they speak allows them to open up their hearts and minds. You never know what kind of wonderful idea they may come up with!...

Why I Started River + Loaves

I have always had a love of beautiful things. My mom will tell you the story of being a tiny girl placed on the floor of the babysitter’s house, only to lift my hands and cry out “ew dirt!” in horror. I like my surroundings to be beautiful, and clean. My grandmother instilled in me a love of shopping at an early age. I was the first grandchild, and a girl, much to her delight. My dad was her only child, so having a granddaughter to spoil satisfied her every desire. She took me everywhere, doted on me, made me beautiful clothes, and shopped ’til she dropped so that I...

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