I have a thing for beauty, health, yoga, comfy clothes (ahem, yoga pants) and I *may* be a self-improvement junkie. I live in Haiti with my incredible musician-turned-humanitarian husband, our 2 daughters, and 2 Dobermans. Our mission is to help everyone in the world have fresh veggies readily available through urban agriculture. So, basically we’re city farmers (and a whole lot of other things I don’t have room to name).

I long to be the perfect woman, ideal wife, superb mother, pure hearted, outstanding seeker of justice, and all-around excellent person. Only recently did I realize that I would never attain such lofty and unrealistic goals. I’m a perfectionist, which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. And I am learning to be okay with being perfect the way I am, imperfections and all.

I think I’m kind of a love-or-hate me kind of person … you either love my saltiness, or you hate that I have an opinion about pretty much everything. I keep it real y’all.

God literally saved my marriage about 10 years ago, so I’m a pretty big fan of His.

I want women to know that they are not their mistakes or what people think of them. I want us all to be able to look and feel great without spending a fortune, and to learn how to conquer the stresses of life together – because it can get crazy right? I’m a big believer that we should support one another, rather than tear each other down. I want women around the world to be able to fulfill their mission and purpose, and be able to share their challenges and not be judged for them.

I suffer from Hashimoto’s but am determined to beat it … naturally. That is pretty much my life philosophy – do everything the best and most natural you can.

I think I have developed some ADD over the years, that or I’m just interested in a lot of different things. So, you’ll get quite the variety from me on here: food, health, beauty, parenting, Haiti life, and more!

Today, I am making a choice to embrace myself as I am and still seek out ways to shape myself into a better human. There will be days that are better than others, but rather than striving for perfection I am setting out to achieve this goal instead:

to create a life full of love, laughter, justice, and kindness; and to love and care for myself so that I may love and care for those around me.

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