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Meal Packing – blessing or burden?

Six years ago today, our family woke early, got dressed, and excitedly rushed out the door to do something good for a place that was becoming very near to our hearts. We, along with a group from our church and hundreds of other people, arrived to the venue and received our instructions. We were ready to go! We hurriedly and excitedly performed our duties, even my little 4 year-old helped by drawing a heart on every box she encountered. Within hours, hundreds of thousands of meals were packed for Haiti. We cheered at our success! Months later, we would be in Haiti when those boxes of food arrived. We would...

Saving Sea Turtles with Straws

My 10 year old, Clover, is obsessed with ocean life. She has been since she was 4, which is when she began her intense study of sharks and whales. That love has only grown over time, and as she has learned more she has become quite the conservationist! We recently joined a talk about sea turtle preservation and learned even more. Did you know that sea turtles eat jellyfish? And guess what looks like a jellyfish in the water? Plastic bags. And they love sea grasses too. Know what also looks like sea grass to a turtle? Straws. And because sea turtles cannot process the plastic, or even regurgitate it,...

Education & Emotions

I have spent the last few weeks reviewing applications, talking to parents and kids, and laying the groundwork for our Education Initiative. The first two years were sort of just done as a combo … People gave to the fund, we sent kids to school – 10 kids in year one, 23 in year two. But we knew it was time to grow and we had a goal of 50 kids this year. [We ended up with 76!] So, I created applications (I want to be sure to have families who are truly in need), scheduled & performed interviews, and outlined how it would all go. What I couldn’t anticipate...


... we live in the distance, between two worlds: Our roots are stuck in America, where we grew up with privilege and ease. But our hearts are stuck in Haiti, where we get the privilege of knowing the oppressed, developing our understanding of the world's injustices, and deepening our faith.

Rhee’s Faves: Anti-Aging Skincare

As I tumble towards the big 4-0, I have become more and more conscientious about my skincare routine. In the last year or so, I have tried several anti-aging products. I thought it would be fun to share the ones that have become my favorites - and (best part) they're affordable!

Why we gotta be so divisive?

I was recently accused of being anti-adoption. Anyone who really knows me knows how ridiculous that is to say. But have you noticed that these days it seems like if you are FOR this or that cause, somehow you're automatically AGAINST something else? I don't understand why the world today is so divisive!

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