Budget Friendly Skincare for the Eco-conscious Woman

I love, love, love things that make me feel beautiful. It is a weakness of mine. But, after transitioning to a life where we live on far, far less than we did in our “normal” life, I found myself in the quandary of finding great skincare products for a fraction of the cost. And I could no longer go to my local spa for a facial and chemical peel every month. So, I put myself on the quest to figure out the all-important question: How do I defy aging without the beauty budget I used to have? Ok, confession time – I occasionally splurge on masks or certain products I...

Daily Detox

When I used to hear the word “detox” I always pictured rehab or a hospital. I never considered the need for it on a regular basis. Four years into an autoimmune disorder plus a four-month stay in the US to get healthy again, and I now think of detox in a whole new way … as a necessity! detox: removal of toxic substances from the body Who knew that just living could tax my liver, and eventually the rest of my body so much? Add to that living in HAITI, and the toxin-load just increased by at least double. toxin: a poison I did some research a while back and found numerous...

38 thoughts upon turning 38 – Part 1

I just turned 38 and had a pretty rough year last year. It took that difficult time to help me realize some things that I really needed to start doing or start eliminating from my life. While it is not exactly some enchanted great wisdom that will change lives for the ages, I thought I would share it anyway in hopes that one of these helps one of you! 1. Take time for yourself. This is hands down the most important thing I learned this year. That whole put the oxygen mask on yourself first thing? It ain’t no joke! DO IT! And, even more, DON’T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT! 2. Do something...


During this moment in my life, I have discovered that nothing turns a stressful day around, or at least puts a hold on the stress, quite like a manicure and pedicure - or least a good nail polish!

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