Whatever happened to sisterhood?

There are thousands of examples around the globe, and throughout history, of women coming together. Yet in America, and even the mission field, we see so much shaming and competition. Whatever happened to sisterhood?

Lent Goals

Y’all. Lent could not come at better time! Ok – not that there’s a choice on when it comes around, but I NEED LENT right now in the worst way. It has been a season of busyness, heavy...

BIG BIG Feelings

If Oprah makes you cry, or you laugh a little a little louder, sink a little lower, pray a little harder, get stomach-turning anxious a little more, or get giddy over the smallest things ... this is for you!

Easiest Breakfast Ever (Overnight Oats)

I’m pretty into the whole healthy-eating thing; I have been for a long time now. But truthfully, the oatmeal-for-breakfast trend is one that I never could get on board with. I do NOT like oatmeal. Granola? Yes please....

Why I Started River + Loaves

I have always had a love of beautiful things. My mom will tell you the story of being a tiny girl placed on the floor of the babysitter’s house, only to lift my hands and cry out “ew...

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