“You are what you eat!”

We hear this saying ALL the time … but is it true?

In a day where it seems half the world is aspiring to look like almost not-human, perfect, plastic dolls and the other half is going as natural as possible, what do we think about how our food affects our appearance?

I am no scientist, nutritionist or even doctor, but thanks to a Hashimoto’s diagnosis year ago, I have become obsessed with noticing every detail of my body and how things affect it. I can tell you that I notice a HUGE difference in how my body looks, feels and functions when I do these things with my diet:

  • – eat more veggies
  • – eliminiate processed foods
  • – reduce/eliminate alcohol intake
  • – eat more fats (the good ones)
  • – limit fruits
  • – ramp up the fiber intake
  • – drink 64 or more ounces of water daily

What’s the difference? Well, my …

  • SKIN looks brighter and even has a little glow to it. It also stays clear of any acne.
  • STOMACH is flatter, and things move a little better (if ya know what I’m sayin’)
  • THIGHS slim down and don’t wobble (even without changing my workout routine)
  • BODY is more flexible, not inflamed, and feels better overall
  • HAIR is fuller, thicker, and doesn’t fall out (a side-effect of Hashimoto’s)
  • NAILS are stronger, grow faster, and pink
  • MIND is sharper, quicker, and memory is good
  • ENERGY levels are higher and SLEEP is better quality

So, we may not be exactly what we eat, but what we eat definitely seems to influence how we look and feel! I happen to be of the belief that we only get ONE BODY – and we better make the most of it and help it take us through our elder years. I come from a family of long-livers (my Grandpa is about to turn 95!), so I better make mine last a while! Having a garden at our house certainly helps us to be certain that there are always fresh veggies around, especially GREENS, to keep us well-nourished! (See that beautiful harvest from yesterday?)

I suppose I would rather be a beet than a blob of butter. But I can’t say it wouldn’t great to also be a glass of wine. 😉

How do you make sure you get in your fresh veggies? And, what changes do you make in your diet to improve your overall health? I want to know!

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