When I used to hear the word “detox” I always pictured rehab or a hospital. I never considered the need for it on a regular basis.

Four years into an autoimmune disorder plus a four-month stay in the US to get healthy again, and I now think of detox in a whole new way … as a necessity!

detox: removal of toxic substances from the body

Who knew that just living could tax my liver, and eventually the rest of my body so much? Add to that living in HAITI, and the toxin-load just increased by at least double.

toxin: a poison

I did some research a while back and found numerous sources of everyday toxins:

1. cleaning products
2. plastic bottles
3. skincare products
4. pesticides
5. stress

Ok, but … I eat pretty darn healthy and mostly organic, and do not eat meat or shellfish (I do occasionally eat fish, but only eat fish that has been wild-caught and has high-fat, low mercury content). I use BPA-free water bottles. I choose all-natural cleaning products, and often make my own. So, am I really in need of daily detox? What could possibly cause my body to malfunction?

I dug even deeper (and experimented a lot) and found a few simple things that work for me – and hopefully can help you, too:

  1. 1. Don’t trust labels.
  2. Did you know that just because a brand has the word “organic” in their skincare line that it can still have toxins? So, misleading right? One of the best ways to check your products is on the EWG Consumer Guides site. They rank most products by toxicity and and even certify a few. EWG even tells you what ingredients caused the ranking. I started checking all my products there and changed several of mine based on the results.
  3. 2. Manage that stress.
  4. Stress management is one of those personal things … I think it requires a good-bit of self-awareness. Personally, I have a hard time saying no and can easily get overwhelmed. I also used to feel guilty about taking time for myself. That whole “put the oxygen mask on yourself first” theory was foreign to me. No more! I now have a regimented skincare routine that I take my time doing morning and night. I meditate at least 10 minutes every morning and do yoga for at least 30 minutes. I created a schedule for my parenting and workload and wrote in time to do something I enjoy every day (and I actually try to stick to it). If I notice myself getting overwhelmed, I take a moment to stretch, breathe, or read. Find things that calm you, ease your mind and bring you joy, and DO THEM EVERY DAY! It is a life-changer!
  5. 3. Detox regularly.
  6. Every day I start with my morning drink routine, which naturally detoxes and gives me an energy boost for the day. Throughout the day I will make a cup of warm lemon water (yes – even in hot, hot Haiti). Every evening, I finish the day with a detoxifying dandelion tea. If I drink wine, I will take milk thistle before bed to give my liver a little extra help. And, my very least favorite (but most effective) form of detox is a cleanse. My practitioner recommends the Metagenics cleanses, and they work better than any other I have ever tried. I don’t enjoy the process – it is exhausting and sometimes painful (especially if you haven’t detoxed in a few years), but every time I have done it I have felt like a new woman afterward. My husband is in the middle of it right now, and is feeling it!

What are some things you think are toxifying your body? What are some of your favorite ways to detox?

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