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What breaks my heart is suffering of any kind. Too often, our world is divisive and cruel where it needs to be uniting and loving. – Alicia Keys

I was recently accused of being anti-adoption. Anyone who really knows me knows how ridiculous that is to say. I have foster kids, I have helped people complete their adoptions, I have advocated for families whose agency didn’t. But someone assumed that, because I am PRO family preservation and family reunification, that somehow meant that I was AGAINST adoption. Which is really absurd, in my opinion.

Have you noticed that these days it seems like people have to tag others with a label of being FOR this or that cause, which somehow automatically makes them AGAINST something else?

  • PRO Black Lives Matter = AGAINST the Police
  • PRO Gun Reform = AGAINST Gun Ownership
  • PRO Family Preservation = AGAINST Adoption

I don’t understand why the world today is so divisive! There are so many important causes and we have people – young and old – who are standing up and showing they care deeply about the world around them. But then there is the media, social media, and all sorts of nonsense that drives a wedge in the conversation.

Poverty, hunger and other such injustices are far more important than our egos.┬áLet’s stop making assumptions about one another (ya know what they say about assuming?) … “uniting and loving” (as Alicia Keys said) needs to be the way of the world from here forward. We need to be seeking out the beauty in one another and looking toward a world of peace and equality for all.