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In 2013, we visited Haiti for the first time. It was this odd moment in life where Gary was not on tour, and we were itching for something bigger in the way of helping others. An opportunity arose to teach English at an orphanage in Port au Prince, and off we went for a month!

It was during that month that our perspectives began to shift. We learned that nearly all these “orphans” had parents 😲 … parents who loved them and cared about their futures, but couldn’t afford the cost of both food and education. How crazy is it that in such an impoverished country that education is not free?

We moved to Haiti shortly after this trip, and vowed to help children stay with their parents. Pfamily Mission (the P is silent) helps children get an education who otherwise would not get one, or who would likely be in an orphanage instead of in their family home. And parents have the opportunity to learn with our new courses in sustainability/ environmental care and health & hygiene (we soon will offer literacy and caregiving courses, too). As neighbors, we also help those who are hungry, homeless or in need of medical aid. To date, we have helped hundreds of kids and families and the hope is to build a school in 2024.


Ending hunger and malnutrition one garden at a time.

As our oldest daughter (Gracie) was entering 7th grade, and our little one (Clover) was beginning 1st grade, this mama was a little bit behind on completing the homeschool plan for the year. We went to the local library and selected a few books to help buy me some time. One of those books was about a failing family farm in Honduras and the teacher who taught practices that would help a young girl bring that farm back to life.

Gracie has always had a huge heart, but this book stirred up something in her that brought forth a desire to help end hunger. When no other non-profit would allow a 12-year old to volunteer, I was happy to encourage her search for justice and to support those dreams.

Harvest107 was born that year, and today helps hundreds of people through our programs. We work with women farmers to grow fresh, organic produce and learn agribusiness to get a quality crop and a fair price at market. And our school garden program helps children learn quick and natural food growing methods. Together, these programs work to provide a sustainable end to hunger & malnutrition.

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