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I love, love, love things that make me feel beautiful. It is a weakness of mine. But, after transitioning to a life where we live on far, far less than we did in our “normal” life, I found myself in the quandary of finding great skincare products for a fraction of the cost. And I could no longer go to my local spa for a facial and chemical peel every month. So, I put myself on the quest to figure out the all-important question: How do I defy aging without the beauty budget I used to have?

Ok, confession time – I occasionally splurge on masks or certain products I feel like I can’t live without (read – I need to feel pretty right now), but my daily routine is simple and inexpensive. I get asked about it very frequently, so I figured it was time to share … It is super affordable and not toxic (which often does not go hand-in-hand).


  • First, I wash with a charcoal soap (I like this one: Charcoal Facial Detox)
  • Follow-up with witch hazel on a cotton pad
  • Next, I apply Vitamin C Serum to prevent skin damage from sun & environmental toxins
  • If my skin is extra dry, I add a simple moisturizer 
  • Follow with daily make-up routine (non-toxic tinted SPF30 moisturizer & mascara)
  • Done! That’s it!


  • Wash with charcoal soap again – using my Clarisonic
  • Follow-up with witch hazel on cotton pad
  • Gently apply aloe gel for the under-eye area (*Just switched to the Young Living Wolfberry Eye Cream!)
  • Night moisturize with a few drops each of almond & frankincense oil
  • Add hyaluronic lip balm to restore moisture and pouf (after 35, that collagen stuff becomes a scarce natural resource)
  • Also – Did you know that sleeping on your back can help prevent facial and chest wrinkles? I have a very difficult time with this, because I have always been a side and stomach sleeper, but I try for the sake of a little vanity (haha!). There are special pillows and sheets and whatnots that you can use to help prevent wrinkles in your sleep, too, but who wants to pay over $60 for a face pillow?

If you have the budget to get a great skincare line, I definitely recommend Young Living (disclaimer: I also sell YL, but even if you didn’t buy from me, I’d recommend it).


I HIGHLY recommend checking all your products with EWG Skindeep for toxicity! Many products aren’t listed, but you can also search individual ingredients in your products that may not be listed, too!