I have a confession to make: I am a yoga pants addict. I love love love my yoga pants (and also my sweat pants and running shorts, even though I don’t run). I do actually do yoga, but not all day long. Recently I had a lightbulb moment that made me change how I dress for working at home. I want to introduce you to your perfect spring work-at-home outfit!

But first, I’ll give you a little backstory:

One day recently, I got “dressed” (meaning actual clothes that were not made for working out) to run an errand then came home to get some work done. I didn’t slip back into cozier clothes (for some odd reason), went to my desk, and got to work.

I got more work done that day than I had in a long time!


Thinking it was a fluke, I decided to try again the next day. What do you know? I got more accomplished that day too!

Remembering that I live in Haiti, aka the hottest place in the world (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little), you must realize that I am not putting on a suit or fancy anything. Plus, I work at home … in Haiti … while homeschooling. So, my outfits usually consist of a flowy dress or a shirt with jeans, cropped pants, or even short. They’re comfortable, yet I could go out in public without looking like I just completed a workout.

Outdoor strategy meeting means a breezy shirt and jeans make the perfect outfit!

We held a very productive strategic planning session for our non-profit, Harvest107, a few weeks ago. We spent the whole day planning and evaluating. We looked back at our last 3 years in Haiti – what works vs. doesn’t, where we shine vs. what frustrates us, and so on. We often get so busy that we don’t go through these things, so it was incredible to come together as a team and hash through everything and spark new life into us. We made plans for the year ahead (and a even a few for further out). We’re psyched about what’s to come!

Low 70s temps call for sleeves … I <3 Hei Hei brand’s blouses. And can you tell I have a thing for blue & white?

Anyway, we held the meeting outside, and in January, it is a nice low-80s temperature here. I paired my favorite dark distressed jeans with an uneven raw hem with this cute swing top made by Holding Horses (Anthropologie). Both are from previous seasons, but I found the top and similar jeans for you. The shoes I’m wearing are NOT the ones shown below. Actually, I LOVE my shoes and the little shop in Haiti that makes them (Deux Mains), so I hope you’ll go check them out! They do not have this exact shoe available, but they do have these (Minouche Sandals)!

I found some other great options in a range of prices for you if you like this look and want to make it your own. I think I adore the Madewell top the most – what about you? I would love to hear about your work-at-home style, too!

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