My 10 year old, Clover, is obsessed with ocean life. She has been since she was 4, which is when she began her intense study of sharks and whales. That love has only grown over time, and as she has learned more she has become quite the conservationist!

We recently joined a talk about sea turtle preservation and learned even more. Did you know that sea turtles eat jellyfish? And guess what looks like a jellyfish in the water? Plastic bags. And they love sea grasses too. Know what also looks like sea grass to a turtle? Straws. And because sea turtles cannot process the plastic, or even regurgitate it, once they have eaten enough plastic they will eventually die from starvation.

I was already a pretty big fan of taking care of our planet – after all, we only have the one. And I’m a little granola, so I’m all about reusable bottles and bags anyway. But when we know more, we can do more.

Swell is known for their quality water bottles and their mission is one we can get behind – to rid the world of plastic bottles! They offer a great variety of sizes as well as some amazing color and design options. I highly recommend getting one for everyone in the family.

Clover’s love for sea turtles and marine life led her to start this petition asking for her favorite fast food chain to join her in the movement to eliminate single use waste.

Sign here

I love these bags for my produce … perfect replacement for those plastic grocery bags. Keep them in the car and you’ll never forget them!
These Ikea reusable bags are huge and hold all the things! You’ll love them if you want fewer trips from the car to the kitchen.
But I love bamboo straws even more – they don’t chip the glass and are biodegradable!

I’ll be adding more of my favorite ways to green your life and home soon!

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