There is something about spring that always has me itching for growth. Like many families, we grew up cleaning out the drawers and closets and attic and all the things at springtime. Purging can be so therapeutic!

Over Lent, I challenged myself to clean out a little something each day. I managed to do well some days and felt so good about what I accomplished. Now, the weather is finally warming up and I still have the itch for spring cleaning. And let’s face it, with 7 humans and 2 dogs our house can always use some spring cleaning.

But ya know what else could use some cleaning up? Our spiritual life!

This is the busiest season of all for us! It’s time for planting and new projects at Harvest107; the time for preparing for student sponsorships at Pfamily Mission; and The Farm House is getting busier as the season for mission trips nears. And as I find myself still trying to launch River + Loaves, my kids are seeing me busier than ever before.

This is truly the first year that I have not sat attentively during their schoolwork, and rather worked through their school time only occasionally stopping to help or guide. Dinners have become much less of an ordeal (I used to make more elaborate meals, whereas lately it is a salad of sorts and something quick). While we have maintained the family dinner, it has become a shorter event.

And I noticed that my kids are affected by the busy-ness of our life right now. They are craving more time with us, and it obvious. They need our presence, our calm, and our guidance. And I’ve been busy, frazzled and lacking in the loving guidance department. I feel like I’ve been failing them, like so many parents do. I hear this a lot in the community of those who serve as a job. We often let our ministry take precedence.

It is easy to get sucked into thinking that our work can’t wait. But it can – at least for a few hours (most of the time). Our kids NEED us to guide them, be there for them, to play with them … so I am challenging myself to a little spring cleaning for the soul: to spend a few minutes each day of May with my kids – uninterrupted, dedicated time.

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