Four years ago today, we said goodbye to our Nashville home for what we thought was a 1-month trip to Haiti …

It was a weird moment in time, we felt something incredible was on the cusp, but we weren’t sure what that was. Gary’s contract with the publishing company was ending, the lease on our house was up and we’d put a contract in on our dream house only to be beat by another buyer, and Gary didn’t have a tour booked for the first March I could ever remember.

So, we decided to do something radical: We decided to sell a bunch of unnecessary things, put our house in storage and go to Haiti to serve for a month.

We would celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary on this trip. And, it would be the first time in 13 years of marriage that we would spend 30 days straight together. Who knew how it would turn out?!

So, on this day, four years ago, we said goodbye-for-now to our Nashville home. We said “see you in April, Nashville!” and we drove our dog down to Atlanta to stay with my parents, then we hopped on a plane to what would eventually become our new home.

I suppose we just never know what’s in store for our future, we just need to be open to receiving it.

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