Someone recently shared on Facebook an article where women were shaming a public figure for having dirty diapers in her house … I am SO happy that there wasn’t Facebook when I had my first baby! I was 22 years old, newly married, and broke. I was trying to juggle being a new wife, a new mom, and having a full-time job. And I still didn’t even know who I was yet! All I could think, when seeing that post, was “Whatever happened to sisterhood?”

I love the story of the Gulabi Gang – a group of women in India coming together to protect other women against the violence and abuse that plagues their country. Granted, they’re vigilantes, but I have to say their story of coming together for the good of all women is inspiring.

There are thousands of examples around the globe, and throughout history, of women coming together. Yet in America, and even the mission field, we see so much shaming and competition.


We compete rather than collaborate.

What is this? Why do we do this? Historically, women have come together to help one another – to work together for the greater good of their families and communities. We each have a gift, and when we put our gifts together, we can do great things! Why waste our time and energy competing when we could do so much more by collaborating?

My friends at Trades of Hope are a great example of sisterhood. I am always amazed to see how this group of women, all selling the same things, work so hard to help each other do more! They focus on the endgame of helping women in other countries provide for their family, rather than competing against one another.

We criticize rather than encourage.

Look all over social media … moms are being shamed for losing weight after the baby (and for not losing weight), for having dirty diapers in their house, for working and for not working, the list goes on. What is the purpose of this? Does it really make us feel better to criticize others? Studies have shown that putting negative energy out, brings negative energy back. The old adage “you reap what you sow” turns out to be true. We should try to find something positive and lift each other up rather than put each other down.

My friend Jo is an incredible human. She is successful and gorgeous and probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She works in a super-competitive industry and yet she brings a bit of sparkle everywhere she goes. Jo will always find something nice to say, something to compliment you on, and a reason to smile. We should all be like Jo.

I challenge each of us to find something nice to say to another woman today.

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